The violent skirmish that took place on September 23, 1779 was known as the Battle of Flamborough Head. This battle was fought off the coast of Yorkshire in a place called the North Sea. The conflict was between a British ship that was protecting goods and the American Continental Navy, led by John Paul Jones. Jones’ ship was called the USS Bonhomme Richard carrying about one hundred men, and the British ship, led by Captain Richard Pearson, was known as the Serapis which carried around three hundred and twenty men. At this point in the world, the American's wanted nothing to do with the British, they were enemies. When Jones' noticed the British ship, they couldn't help but to attack.
Twice, the USS Bonhomme Richard was violently shot, killing a third of those on board. These two blows caused considerable damage to the ship, rendering it helpless. During this catastrophe the ship's flag was shot down by Pearson, leading the British think that the Americans were surrendering. To confirm, Pearson called to Jones, “Have you struck?” meaning, "Do you surrender?" In response, Jones answered back with the famous quote, “Struck? I have not yet begun to fight!” Despite the damage to both vessels, Jones led his ship directly into the side of the Serapis. After smashing into her, Jones' crew boarded the ship and brutally defeated the British, killing all on board. The Americans captured the Serapis and lowered the flag, attesting to their victory.

John Paul JonesCaptain John Paul Jones was born in Kirkbean, Scotland on July 6th 1747. His parents were John and Jean Paul. During the war he was the captain of the USS Bonhomme Richard and he faught in the Battle of Flamborough Head. After the Revolutionary War ended, our government was in deep debt, and there was little income. Congress did not want to, but were forced to separate the American navy. At this point, John Paul Jones lost his job. He could not remain jobless forever so he agreed to control Catherine the Great of Russia’s navy in the war with Turkey. Once again, he was an exceptional captain, and Russia won the war. After this war, he yet again became unemployed. John Paul Jones felt that his best luck for a job would be in the west, so he went to Paris. The weather on the way there sadly caused Jones to become deathly ill. The superb captain died soonly after he became ill, and he was only forty-five.
Captain Richard Pearson Captain Richard Pearson was a British naval officer who was born in England in 1731. During the Revolutionary War, he was captain of the Serapis. The Serapis was the ship that lost at the Battle of Flamborough Head to the USS Bonhomme Richard on September 23rd 1779. During the Seven Years War in the East Indies, he was a lieutenant. At that War he was dangerously injured. In the year 1773, he became a captain in control of the ship and forty-four guns. When he arrived at Flamborough Head, he was attacked by the USS Bonhomme Richard who was in control of forty-two guns. The conclusion of this battle was that Pearson surrendered the Serapis to John Paul John. This surrender caused him to receive presents and gain the reputation as a hero.